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Healthcare Foodservice Facilities

RDA Design Group can design a healthcare foodservice facility that can feed large quantities of people. We can do either a fixed delivery system or a system that can handle meals catered especially to the patients needs.


Food Safety Issues

  1. Cleaning and sanitization of areas where food will come in contact with surfaces.
  2. Strategically located hand washing areas in the food handling areas.
  3. Controlling time and temperatures during food preparation.
  4. Methods to be used in prevention of food contamination during washing fruits and vegetables.
  5. Cooking potentially hazardous foods.
  6. Marking the date on potentially hazardous foods.
  7. Potential temperature hazards in holding hot/cold food.
  8. Preventing cross contamination during food storage and food preparation.
  9. Properly placing received food into storage.
  10. Hazards in handling food while serving.
  11. Handling and storage of poisonous or toxic chemicals in foodservice areas.
  12. Health quality control and the use of thermometers to insure food safety.


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